Water Kaleidoscope-concept

This project was created as a competition draft for the public competition Třetí prostor, which was announced in Zlín in 2017. The main purpose of this competition was to liven the public space in the city up.


Water Kaleidoscope is a set of kinetic objects placed into the river Dřevnice. Just imagine the kaleidoscope and his components. Mirrors, coloured pieces of glass, beads, small paper sheets, everything together creates a glittering, sparkle abstract pictures that fascinate us.


In this project principle of the kaleidoscope is turned to real open space, nature, city and to the bigger objects. Thus formed kinetic, rotating objects. Set of the sculptures created from coloured circles of plexiglass, mirrors in various sizes, each of them placed to steel rack and then into the river.


These objects can reflect sun, sky, water, light or stars in the night and this way change and blend usual surrounding area to new perspective. Together with the minimalistic seats set into riversides, the Water Kaleidoscope liven the river Dřevnice up and creates a peaceful place to relax.

by hodnyvasek